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There are many benefits to volunteering:

  • Contribute your unique skills and knowledge to help strengthen our community 
  • Connect to new people in the community with shared interests
  • Enhance and develop your skills in a welcoming environment
  • Gain valuable work experience and broaden your support network
  • Have fun and explore your personal interests, creativity and hobbies
  • Strengthen your community connections and sense of purpose
  • Make a positive difference in people’s lives!

Get involved today!

BHCA Board of Directors

The mission of the BHCA is to create opportunities for the community to connect, participate, communicate and learn and we are need volunteers to help bring this to life.

Current and upcoming volunteer openings:
Director at Large (looking for 2 Directors to join us this yearDirector at Large .pdf
Secretary (term to start November 2021)

If you’d like to learn more contact us anytime!

Reimagine Beddington Committee 

Our community has a wealth of parks, playgrounds, pathways and open
spaces (not including the beautiful Nose Hill Park or Confluence Park) and
BHCA is working hard to transform and reimagine these spaces.

Join the Reimagine Beddington Committee if you're interested in getting involved. Meetings are open to all residents and currently held online.

Current terms of reference: Reimagine Beddington Committee.pdf

Other Community Events

We have a number of events each year and are always looking for volunteers to help plan and support:

  • PHOTO CONTEST (Spring) We want to host another online photo contest to highlight the talented people and beauty in our community
  • NEIGHBOUR DAY BBQ (June) We hope to get back together as a community in 2021.  Looking for help to plan an incredible, fun, safe gathering. 
  • POP-UP BBQ (Summer) Request a BBQ in your block, get the word out to your neighbours and help us with the event. BHCA will show up with the barbecues, food and beverages. (Dependent upon COVID protocols in place this summer)

Contact us today if you are interested in helping out with any of these events. 

Want to organize something exciting and new in Beddington?

If you are ready to share a special interest, hobby or activity with others in the community, BHCA may be able to support your initiative. Contact us or share your idea at a Board Meeting. That's how our Beddington Book Club began, how we became Alberta's First Butterflyway, and most recently how our Community Garden project took off.

"All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today." (Chinese Proverb)

Connect with us!

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Beddington Heights Community Association

Beddington After School Program

Beddington Theatre Arts Centre / Room Bookings


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