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VOLUNTEERS are at the heart of everything we achieve! 


  • Our Board members for 2023:  Jennifer, Bonnie, Nadine, Melisa, Marty, Wendy, Jessica, Diane and Leandra
  • Brady and his 2022-23 Rink Volunteers
  • Cindy, Beddington Book Club
  • "Reimaginers" Bonnie, Moraig, Terry and Janet

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Webmaster
Interested? Please contact us!

Reimagine Beddington Committee 

Our community has a wealth of parks, playgrounds, pathways and open spaces. Help us enhance and enliven our outdoor spaces.

Join a Reimagine Beddington Meeting

Join a Community Garden & Hub Meeting

Help us offer a "tried and true" community event

We've done these before, and could offer them again -- but each needs an event planner. 

  • Winter Carnival, Neighbour Day BBQ, Photo Contest, Beddington Bingo, Pop-up Barbecues

Want to organize something exciting and new in Beddington?

If you would like to share a special interest, hobby or activity with others in the community, BHCA may be able to support your initiative. The first step is to share your idea at a Board Meeting. That's how the Beddington Book Club turned its first page, how Alberta's First Butterflyway took flight, how the Scavenger Hunt took off, and most recently how our Community Garden sprouted.

"All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today." (Chinese Proverb)

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BHCA Board Meetings

You don't need to be on the BHCA Board to find out what's going on in the community. Our meetings are open to the public -- and your input. Please join us!

Attend a Board Meeting

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Beddington Heights Community Association

Beddington After School Program

Beddington Theatre Arts Centre / Room Bookings


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