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Before & After School Program (BASP)

The Beddington Heights Before and After School Program (known as BASP) operates as a non-profit program under the umbrella of the Beddington Heights Community Association. It is a licensed and approved childcare program with childcare subsidy available through the Government of Alberta for qualifying families.

  • The program originated in 1986 outside the community centre.
  • We moved to the current location within the community centre in 1987 due to overwhelming demand.
  • We are licensed for 126 children within 3 separate rooms, Kindergarten, Program 1 and Program 2. 

We are a recreationally based licensed childcare program that caters primarily to Beddington Heights Elementary and St.Bede Elementary.    We are located on the same street as both schools and this allows us to walk children both to and from school for each component.

We pride ourselves on providing quality childcare, and believe that a program should incorporate variety, challenge, and age-appropriate activities to best be able to meet the needs of all children. 

In order to accomplish this, we split the children into separate rooms based on grades.   Kindergarten children have their own room, Grades 1-3 are together, and Grades 4-6 are also separated into their own room.   This allows us to program age-appropriate activities/crafts/games and challenging options in addition to ensuring the toys and play centers are also aligned with the ages using them.

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Forms & Information

Our programs parent handbook, details our policies and procedures, along with additional information.


Please find our contact information at the bottom of the page if you are interested in taking advantage of the services offered  or have any questions about the program!

BASP Fee structure 2022-2023 

Kindergarten- part day

$566.50/ month

Days off included

Kindergarten- Full day

$721.00/ month

Days off included

Grades 1-6 BEFORE only

$280.00/ month

See last 2 sections of graph

Grades 1-6 AFTER only

$340.00/ month

See last 2 sections of graph

Grades 1-6 BEFORE & AFTER

$440.00/ month

Days off included

Grades 1-6 Before or After only PD

$45.00/each day


Grades 1-6 Before or After only  1/2 

$25.00/each day

For ½ Days or Early dismissals

Recent BASP News

BASP has been operating under AHS guidelines and continue to offer care to the community.   We have taken on this challenge and continue to adapt to the changing landscapes throughout this pandemic. 

If you have a child that attends kindergarten to Grade 6 at Beddington Elementary or St.Bede Elementary that requires part time or full time care, please contact us at:

Summer Camps

We also offer summer camp programs for children that have just completed Kindergarten and all the way up to just finishing grade 6. 

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Beddington Heights Community Association

Beddington After School Program

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