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Thank you for your overwhelming support!  A community survey we ran in March/April 2021 showed that the community is looking forward to a Community Garden and Gathering Hub in Beddington.  Our current goal is to fundraise and construct garden beds this fall which will be ready to be used in Spring 2022!  Behind the scenes, there is a lot to do that can be accomplished by volunteers from home.

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Garden FAQs

2021 Survey Infographic of Comments

How was this location chosen?

The Reimagine Beddington Committee and the City of Calgary collaborated to choose the location. This was the best location due to:

    • Central location with lots of parking
    • Safety and security for the community garden with the building being on the same site
    • Water service exists on site and Parks has agreed to run the lines necessary to service the community garden
    • Visibility to Beddington Blvd which is the lifeline of Beddington
    • Ongoing partnership with Storybook Theatre to revitalize the outdoor space
    • Proximity to schools and other outdoor amenities which will make this the hub of Beddington
    • The site does not directly back onto any homes so there would be minimal impact to homeowner

    What community engagement was done?

      • Survey that went out March/April 2021 with a 98% approval
      • Facebook (1254 followers + survey link was posted to a community group with 2500 followers) and Twitter (945 followers) pages
      • Bold signs advertising the survey
      • Beddington Banner - 4550 households.  Although the survey was missed in the banner due to timing it has mentioned the community garden several times.
      • BHCA website posts
      • Previous community engagements listed a community garden and a gathering space in the top 10 (perhaps even the top 5!) of what residents wanted to see  

    What will happen to the skating rink?

    There will still be skating!  Because there are two skating rinks at this location, only one of them will be utilized for the Community Garden.

    Why did you choose the oval rink for the Community Garden?

    The other rink was not available. The Storybook Theatre will be using the pleasure rink side for summer outdoor programming.  This also leaves the pleasure side open for summer basketball. This site is visible from Beddington Blvd. which will solicit interest and to mitigate security concerns.  No hockey is allowed on these pleasure rinks but there is an excellent boarded rink for hockey in nearby Sandstone and another rink in Hidden Valley.  

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    Beddington Heights Community Association

    Beddington After School Program

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