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GARDEN BED Reservations Are Open Now!

Beddington's NEW community garden beds are available to reserve!  Reservations will be going through our event system and payments can be made online.  If you have a community group that is interested in a bed, please email garden@beddingtoncommunity.ca with your group information to get approval for a bed.

Register Now!

What you need to know:

        • You will need to be a member of good standing with BHCA, meaning you are all paid up!  Memberships are $20.  You can do this  right here if you haven't yet.
        • If you don't want to (or can't) use our online payment system you can e-transfer to bhca@beddingtoncommunity.ca or drop off payment at the box office of the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre within 5 days of registering.
        • Beds are sized at 4' x 8' and priced at $35 for the 2022 season.
        • Beds will be limited to one per household.  
        • Due to the current high pricing and lack of availability of wood, our beds will instead be made of a high quality and Canadian made galvanized steel.  A few gardens in Calgary have used the same and are very pleased with the results!
        • We will have both 22" and 30" high beds.  During registration you will be able to select a preference but your selection will not be guaranteed depending on demand.
        • You will need to read and agree to the gardening agreement during the registration.
        • Gardeners will agree to 4 "Garden Work Hours" in the season (to help with common areas and community beds) and a day of clean up at the end of the season.
        • More details are available on the registration!  

Altador Garden, to show planter style.