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  • Sat, July 24, 2021
  • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Beddington Theatre Arts Centre Parking Lot


  • You are a current paid member of the Beddington Heights Community Association
  • You have a paid membership with the Beddington Heights Community Association but do not live in the community.
  • You live in Beddington but have not joined the Beddington Heights Community Association.

Registration is closed


Get your team together to solve puzzles, and explore the Beddington Heights Community! A fun way to get some exercise and learn about the different areas that are just a quick walk/bike ride away! When you start your hunt, you will receive a single clue by scanning a QR code on your smartphone. You need to solve this clue to find the location that will help you solve your next clue. 

Please make sure to register your team by Thursday, July 22nd at 6 pm. 

Registration opens: Monday, July 5, 2021

Registration closes: Thursday, July 22 at 6 pm

Date of event: Saturday, July 24, 2021

Start Time: 11:00am 

Starting Area: Parking Lot of the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre, 375 Bermuda Drive NW

Walking Distance: Approximately 3-4 km

Type: Walking or Biking

Time: Approximately 2 Hours

End time (for those looking to compete for the quickest time): 2:00 pm

How many people do I need in my team?

As many as you like! We encourage people to have teams of 2 or more people for this event. 

Items to bring for the Scavenger Hunt?

  • A fully charged smartphone.

  • Backup portable charger 

  • Water bottles

  • Snacks

  • Sun screen 

  • Bug repellent

  • Weather appropriate clothing 

  • Good walking shoes 

I don’t have a smartphone! Can I still participate?

Yes, you can! Complete the registration form and let us know so an envelope of clues can be provided to you on the day of the event. 

What do I have to do in order to participate in this event?

Register yourself and your team by filling out the registration form. 

How long will the Scavenger Hunt be posted in the neighbourhood for?

While the event itself will be taking place on July 24, 2021 the “clues”(QR codes) will remain up in the neighbourhood till 7pm on Sunday, June 20th 2021. Please Note - That while you can take pictures and share them with us on our Facebook page, no one will be available on Sunday to provide support should any of the QR codes be damaged. 

What area is the scavenger hunt taking place in?

The scavenger hunt will be restricted to the Beddington Heights community. See the map below and know that clues will be within this area of the map.


Scavenger Hunt Rules:

  1. The scavenger hunt will be taking place in the Beddington Heights community. See map.

  2. Stay with your team! Team must be from the same household or same cohort. While we do want everyone to come out and have fun we want you to be safe! Please follow Alberta Health Protocols   

  3. Want to compete for the QUICKEST TIME? In order to be eligible for the awards be sure to take a picture of yourself as you reach each destination and send your photos to the BHCA community Group via Facebook Chat.

  4. Want prizes but want to take your time? Many prizes are not about speed or even completing the course. Take pictures of yourself and your group at each destination, compile all the pictures and e-mail them to  reimagine@beddingtoncommunity.ca 

  5. When you get to the QR code, scan using your smartphone and read the riddle to learn about your next destination.

    1. Getting stuck? Hit the HINT button underneath the riddle to get a clue for where the next location could be.

  6. For people with envelope clues - we expect you to follow the honor system as you participate in this event.

  7. Be respectful and leave the QR codes as they are so other teams can participate in this event. If you get to a QR code and it has been damaged please contact the BHCA community Group via Facebook Chat.

Awards: To win awards, send your photos to BHCA community Group via Facebook Chat. 

  1. Quickest Time - Walking Team: Get through the scavenger course as fast as you can on your two feet! Remember to take photos along the way to prove you made each checkpoint and send them to the BHCA community Group via Facebook Chat.

  2. Quickest Time - Biking Team:Get through the scavenger course as fast as you can on your bicycle! Remember to take photos along the way to prove you made each checkpoint and send them to the BHCA community Group via Facebook Chat. NOTE: If you will be using a bicycle for this hunt, your start time will be 30 minutes after the walking teams have started. 

  3. Best Team Spirit - Show your team spirit by taking full group pictures as you move through the Scavenger Hunt. Share with the BHCA community Group.

  4. Best Dressed - get your team into costume or find a theme that all members on your team can follow to let others know who they are competing against! Share with the BHCA community Group.

  5. Wildest photo - Have fun and take some fun photos along the way. Share with the BHCA community Group.

  6. The Distracted Ones - The idea is to have fun, so if you happen to side tour to play at the park, grab a bite to eat or take a nap along the way this prize could be for you! Share with the BHCA community Group. 





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