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  • Sat, June 08, 2024
  • Beddington

Welcome to Sleddington, where the beat of youthful talent echoes through the air. In this vibrant local music festival, young stars under the age of 18 take centre stage, showcasing their passion, creativity, and raw talent for all to see. Sleddington celebrates the diverse sounds and styles of the next generation of musicians. Families and music lovers are invited to cheer on these rising stars as they pour their hearts out on stage.

Sleddington isn't just about the music; it's a celebration of community spirit and the power of young voices. A vibrant atmosphere buzzing with energy, it's a day where creativity knows no bounds and dreams take flight.

So come join us at Sleddington, where the future of music shines bright, one note at a time.

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Beddington Heights Community Association

Beddington After School Program

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375 Bermuda Drive NW,
Calgary, Alberta, T3K 2J5


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